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Chinese Owl Pigeon

Chinese Owl is a breed that is found throughout the world but it was a breed that came from Africa and developed in France by a pigeon dealer, Destriveaux. The breed was further developed by King Prosche of Germany after he bought some Chinese Owls from Destriveaux in 1865. King Prosche did breed the Chinese Owls for his entire life.

The Chinese is a medium size owl with a broad wedge-shaped body. The legs are short with a wide stance. The beak is short. It is notable for the rich feathers that they have. Chinese Owls have the most outstanding jabot, the cascading feathers down the front of the breast. These feathers hide the neck and most of the head to make them look like a ball of feathers. The rest of the feathers on the body are smooth and normal looking. There are several colors and color patterns that they come in. They have a short beak.

The owl breeds of pigeons are known to be a calm show pigeon that enjoys human interaction. They are friendly and easy to breed which would make them a great starter pigeon for someone or just as a pet pigeon. These are classified as a fancy breed.